If you are interested in one or more artworks of Ralf Scheid please visit the menu point "Collected Work" to get the number of the picture. Please use this number and fill in the form above to ask about prices and sizes of copies on artpaper, copies on canvas or even the original. We are also keen to answer all your questions about the artistic work of Ralf Scheid.

The point 'Collected works' summarize all pictures ordered by creation modes. You could easily choose the picture number as well as the picture to watch it again in the galery and to order the original or one of the limited art prints.

Delivery / Transport

Mailing Expenses are add to the purchasing price. For customers outside of Germany it is necessary to check the details of transportation by telephone or e-mail whether they buy an original or an art print.

Delivery while stocks last.


Payment can be made by bank check, credit card, bank transfer or prepayment.

With prepayment or check: the commodity only was dispatched if the money is transferred and credited by our account.

Collected works
145 artworks
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